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You can always check out to download the most recent WACSAC demo for FREE! New ones go up every few months, but without much fanfare. Collector geeks only! Hardcore WACSAC nerds collect 'em all!

Stuff to stream

Hooked on Classics

To celebrate the upcoming WACSAC performances this fall, the first in thirteen years, I (Matt) have unearthed some archival recordings of WACSAC from the olden days. I present here a recording from May of 1995, my piece "Hooked on Classics", recorded on a VHS video cam in Cambridge, MA. You hear the talents of the following people here: Jessica Daniels, violin; Kelefa Sanneh, violin and those scary screams at the end of the first movement; Raphael Sperry, viola; Kate Ender, cello; Samantha Rowell, bass, trumpet and voice; me, guitar and drums; Kyle Lapidus, voice and trumpet; Benjamin Bruch, address on the Language of Space, and also flute; Katie Moussouris, that piercing "yip" at the very end.

Lia, Movement 1

The first movement of Lia (2010) for string quartet. You can see this piece performed live on January 22!

Wind Quintet, Movement 3

The final movement of the Wind Quintet (2009). This piece was performed live on November 20, 2010. Check out video and photos from the event!

(The non-live recordings are played back through my composing software by little electronic people, so there are artifacts and weirdness getting in the way of a "pure" musical experience; I'm a composer, not a producer. Enjoy them in this form and imagine how great they'll sound when you're in a room with real, non-electronic people playing them!)

Last updated December 20, 2010